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Dolan Contact Information
Phone: 815-599-3975
Fax: 815-599-3985

Please call in any absences or late entries before 10:00am that day. Thank you.
  • Welcome to Dolan Education Center
  • Mission Statement
    The Mission of the Dolan Education Center is to address each student's behavioral and academic needs in a pro-active manner so that students, regardless of their functioning level, grade placement, age, or behavior will be able to have a reasonable opportunity for success in the least restrictive environment, be it school or community.

    We are committed in providing an educational setting which will help students develop a positive self-image and a positive attitude towards school and learning. We will do all that is necessary to ensure that each student will learn at his or her best rate, enjoy learning and value the school experience.

    We will meet these challenges with a strong belief that all students can and will learn. We will provide every instructional and interpersonal support and opportunity to enable each student to become a positive and contributing member of the community.

    Thank you,

    Mark A. Parent
    Education Director
Durand, Illinois